One Year Married | Our Fairytale Wedding in Ireland

Yesterday, September 12th, marked one year since Andrew and I said “I Do”, in Ireland.

This year flew by and I cannot believe that I am just now getting these up on my blog! We absolutely adore these photos by our amazing photo team, Iris + Light, as well as out breathtaking video by Nate Puhr. This team truly capture all of the magic that was felt on our wedding day.

And let’s not forget…..our INCREDIBLE wedding video by Nate Puhr….

Kristen and Andrew \\ Galway, Ireland from Nate Puhr (photo and cinema) on Vimeo.


All of our amazing vendors who brought this vision to life…


Planner | Aislinn Events

Venue | Cloghan Castle 

Photographers | IRIS + LIGHT 

Videographer | Nate Puhr 

Florist | Fleur Weddings 

Hair | Bliss Bridal Hair Styling 

Makeup | C Beauty with Fiona 

Caterer | BBQ Joe’s 

Cake | Carol’s Cakes Galway

Sound & Uplights | Hear It 

Chargers and Napkins | Frog Prince

Cutlery | Gold Cutlery for Hire

Bride’s Gown | Melek Dikici 

Bridesmaids Dresses | Lulu’s 

Bride’s Headpiece | Be Something New 

Flowergirl Dress | Renz

Shoes | Bella Belle 

“Once Upon a Time” Vow Book | Wedding Story Writer

Vintage Nightgown and Robe | Chariot Marie 

Veil | Love Sparkle Pretty 

Invitations and Paper Goods | Social Savvy 

Cuff links | Nest of Reveries

Suits | Men’s Wearhouse 


Hello and welcome to my magical little corner of the internet.

It’s been almost 5 years since the launch of my last brand. 2012 was the year I began to pursue this whole “fairytale” niche. And let me tell you, that branding was an absolute dream for me. I wanted to LIVE in that website. I loved sending people to look at my site, loved handing out my business cards… in general, I just loved rocking that brand…it was so ME.

Which is why I was so confused when that feeling began to change in this last year and a half. I was becoming attracted to new things and slowly finding things within the brand that I was no longer loving. How could this happen?! Wasn’t I just supposed to create this perfect fairytale world and live Happily Ever After for the rest of time??? Okay, so I didn’t actually believe that. But at the same time, it came as a surprise when I started to see that I was going to need an update.

At the end of last year, I called up my girl Julie Story and poured out everything that I had been thinking. She reassured me that this was totally normal and it was time for an upgrade. It had been 5 years after all! In 5 years a lot had changed. I had 5 thriving years of shooting things I could have only dreamed of. I had planned my own wedding. I had learned more about myself and my style. I had grown and evolved….and my brand needed to catch up!

When I began to tell people that this process was underway, many of them were surprised. I got a lot of “Are you not doing fairytale anymore?!”. Which is definitely not what was happening, you know me better than that! ;) This was not a matter of changing my style or the core of what I do. It was simply a means of updating the way that it was being communicated. The vision that Julie and I came up with was to mature the brand a bit. Less princess and more queen. Blend all of the whimsy, with some regal.

So that brings us to what you are seeing today! My new look! I can’t describe how amazing it feels to finally let the world see, what has been in my mind for so long now.

But this would not have been possible without the help of an amazing team….

Thank you to my MVP, Julie Story. You not only listened to my heart’s desires….but also heard the things I didn’t even say. You proved through and through that you know my brand even better than I do. I gave you full control of this process, because I trusted you. I knew you would bring my vision to life in a way that only YOU can…and what you created absolutely blew me away. You can see in every detail, that you pour your heart fully into everything you create. Thank you for your patience, talents, gifs and memes, and your friendship. YOU THE BEST GIRLLLL.

Thank you to Showit for giving us the platform to bring this to life! The best website software and the best support staff.  I’m a proud Showiteer since 2010. OG BABY!

Thank you Kayla V Photography for my amazing new photos for my bio sections. You created magic and made me feel beautiful.

Finally, I just wanted to say, with this rebrand comes some other changes that you will start to see. I am so excited to get back into regular blogging, do more teaching/mentorships, and pursue projects that have been on my heart. It’s only up from here! Exciting things to come and I hope you will come along for the ride. Thanks for stopping by!

Farewell to 2016

It is so bittersweet to say goodbye to 2016. It is the year I have awaited my entire life and a year that will always be remembered.
2016 was the most important year in my personal life thus far, because I finally got my own fairytale wedding!
Along with the personal landmarks, 2016 was also filled with amazing sessions and some incredible weddings. It brought me some pretty epic clients!
However, due to the personal commitments in 2016, I pushed back a lot of personal aspects of my business. I took my foot off the gas on blogging, missed some networking opportunities, and I put off a lot of my own projects that I wanted to do. Between serving my clients and soaking in the magical moments of my own wedding planning, there was not time for any extra. And that’s okay! I knew that this would be temporary and just a brief season. I am ready for a comeback of major proportions in 2017 and have some huge projects up my sleeve!
In the meantime, I’d like to take this time to pause and soak up the highlights of 2016:
-I married my highschool sweetheart at a magical castle in Ireland!!!!! (Lot’s of blog posts to come with photos, tips, and my experience on the other side!)
-I traveled to Ireland (2x!), Paris, Barcelona, Mexico, Key West and Big Sur.
-I had the opportunity to plan and shoot my first (and hopefully not last) stylized elopement.

Storyboard template

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Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from throughout the year. I love my job!!!!


2016 was the year that I spent the most time IN FRONT of the camera! Between our engagement, wedding, and a couple of post-wedding sessions, Andrew and I had some amazing opportunities to be photographed by some of the best in the industry!

First, was our dreamy engagement session with Christine Sara

Next was our wedding, followed by an epic session at the Cliffs of Moher. Both photographed by Iris + Light.

And last, was a sunrise film session by Abby Grace, during our honeymoon in Paris.

2017…..I am ready for ya!!! BRING IT ON <3