Hello and welcome to my magical little corner of the internet.

It’s been almost 5 years since the launch of my last brand. 2012 was the year I began to pursue this whole “fairytale” niche. And let me tell you, that branding was an absolute dream for me. I wanted to LIVE in that website. I loved sending people to look at my site, loved handing out my business cards… in general, I just loved rocking that brand…it was so ME.

Which is why I was so confused when that feeling began to change in this last year and a half. I was becoming attracted to new things and slowly finding things within the brand that I was no longer loving. How could this happen?! Wasn’t I just supposed to create this perfect fairytale world and live Happily Ever After for the rest of time??? Okay, so I didn’t actually believe that. But at the same time, it came as a surprise when I started to see that I was going to need an update.

At the end of last year, I called up my girl Julie Story and poured out everything that I had been thinking. She reassured me that this was totally normal and it was time for an upgrade. It had been 5 years after all! In 5 years a lot had changed. I had 5 thriving years of shooting things I could have only dreamed of. I had planned my own wedding. I had learned more about myself and my style. I had grown and evolved….and my brand needed to catch up!

When I began to tell people that this process was underway, many of them were surprised. I got a lot of “Are you not doing fairytale anymore?!”. Which is definitely not what was happening, you know me better than that! ;) This was not a matter of changing my style or the core of what I do. It was simply a means of updating the way that it was being communicated. The vision that Julie and I came up with was to mature the brand a bit. Less princess and more queen. Blend all of the whimsy, with some regal.

So that brings us to what you are seeing today! My new look! I can’t describe how amazing it feels to finally let the world see, what has been in my mind for so long now.

But this would not have been possible without the help of an amazing team….

Thank you to my MVP, Julie Story. You not only listened to my heart’s desires….but also heard the things I didn’t even say. You proved through and through that you know my brand even better than I do. I gave you full control of this process, because I trusted you. I knew you would bring my vision to life in a way that only YOU can…and what you created absolutely blew me away. You can see in every detail, that you pour your heart fully into everything you create. Thank you for your patience, talents, gifs and memes, and your friendship. YOU THE BEST GIRLLLL.

Thank you to Showit for giving us the platform to bring this to life! The best website software and the best support staff.  I’m a proud Showiteer since 2010. OG BABY!

Thank you Kayla V Photography for my amazing new photos for my bio sections. You created magic and made me feel beautiful.

Finally, I just wanted to say, with this rebrand comes some other changes that you will start to see. I am so excited to get back into regular blogging, do more teaching/mentorships, and pursue projects that have been on my heart. It’s only up from here! Exciting things to come and I hope you will come along for the ride. Thanks for stopping by!

Recap of the June “Branding is Key” Workshop

In June, I took my passion for branding in a new direction. I’ve enjoyed building my brand these past few years and have helped some local businesses with theirs as well…but 2013 was the year I decided to offer extensive branding guidance to other photographers.

3 lovely ladies came to my home for 2 days, jam-packed with brand discovery, execution, shooting, editing, and more. My favorite designer, Julie Story, even stopped in (via Skype!) to give more branding advice and tips for working with a designer. It was quite the whirlwind experience and I went to bed both nights with a sore throat from talking so much ;)

During our time together and the curriculum leading up to the workshop, each of the girls explored themselves and their goals/dreams, to get a better idea of the direction their brand would go in. We then covered marketing strategies for putting their new brands into action and using it to reach their ideal brides. We finished with a one-year plan of monthly goals for each of them, which I am now doing my best to keep them each accountable for!

My favorite part of this experience was how amazing this group of girls was. We dreamed, planned, laughed (a lot!), and even cried a bit. They are all so full of passion for photography and I love them. I can’t wait to “introduce” you to them!

On the second day of the workshop, we did a styled shoot to play with some of the shooting techniques we covered. Thank you so much to Katie and David, for being our PERFECT models. Also, huge thank you to Love Sparkle Pretty for the gorgeous custom veil and sash. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. Be sure to check out the photos from the attendees as well (links to websites, below).

I adored this veil by Love Sparkle Pretty! Head over to her website to see her other gorgeous pieces!

Now here’s the fun part! Let me tell you about these three crazy gals! Everyone meet Lauren, Tara, and Lisa! The very first “Branding is Key” workshop attendees! First, let’s talk about Lauren Kee. I actually met Lauren years ago, at a Jonas Brothers book signing….I’m not joking. But that’s a long and weird story that we will save for a rainy day ;)

Lauren lights up any room she walks into. She has a contagious laugh and you get to hear it lots, cause she is a happy person! She loves Disney, making goofy faces, the color pink, and dresses. I am looking forward to seeing Lauren bring her fun and quirky personality into her brand and business. I know it’s going to be such a key to her success and is going to make all of her clients feel so at ease and have an amazing time with her!


Instagram- @LaurenKee

Lisa Marie Figueroa! My little sweet and sassy! ;) She is such a genuine soul and I am so happy I got to meet her through this!

Lisa is a hardcore Twilight fanatic, a hopeless romantic, and loves cherry coke, hello kitty, and her family. I loved watching the transformation of the direction of Lisa’s brand during this experience. She was already playing up the sweet side, but didn’t know how to mix in the sassier/funky things that she also adores. I LOVE what she came up with and can’t wait to see it evolve. I know she’s gonna rock it!




Instagram- @LisaDarlin

I first met Tara Shiloh when I photographed this anniversary session of her and her hubby. Little did I know then, that an awesome client would eventually turn into an awesome workshop attendee!

Tara has a strong vision for her brand and the ambition to carry it out. She loves the color grey, cats, maps, and open fields. She is a true artist at heart and had us all in tears with her touching story about how she got into photography and her passion for it. I can hardly wait to see her brand explode and am already so proud of her!




Instagram- @TaraShilohPhoto

This is an experience I will never forget and I look forward to the next year of continued mentoring with these three gals as their brands bring them closer and closer to their dreams. To close, check out the workshop through the eyes of Instagram! ;)

Enchanting Fairytale Packaging

I have been through more types of packaging than I care to mention. I have tried so many boxes, envelopes, cases, etc…that it’s not even funny! Every company I ordered from, I found myself never 100% satisfied. I was always tweaking things and adding personal touches.

I knew that my new branding was going to bring a lot of new things to my business. And I knew that packaging would be one of the major things! However, I was racking my brain for ideas and coming up short.

One day, I was browsing the craft store and got inspired by a bag of moss. The idea kept building, as I began to put the pieces together. It took 2 months, and lots of trial and error, but I am so happy with the result! I love the idea of being able to give my clients the images from their love story, in their own little storybook :)

HUGE thanks to my intern, Jenn Sepulveda, for going along with my crazy plan and helping execute it…right down to the tiny details!